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In May 2017, the energy service providers Alpiq, ewb, Groupe E and Primeo Energie founded the joint venture MOVE Mobility AG with the aim of bringing some much-needed simplicity to the experience of electric vehicle owners. The employees of MOVE Mobility AG are long-standing experts who bring many years of experience from the (electric) mobility sector and energy supply companies. Their mission is to provide a uniform and convenient charging system for electric vehicles. They have succeeded in particular thanks to a standardised pricing system with only three levels, and a unique and uniform ‘bill later’ model: the type of current used (AC or DC), the use of an own charging station or a partner station, and a slow or fast charge process.

MOVE offers innovative solutions for business customers who want to benefit from a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles via their existing network, headquarters or properties. Here, MOVE operates as a general contractor in the field of electromobility, and provides partners and potential customers with extensive consulting services.

Today, the MOVE public charging network has already innovated the market by offering its own numerous MOVE charging stations to electric vehicle drivers in Switzerland and by opening up access to a further thousands. These are complemented by very much additional charging stations across Europe. For MOVE, not only the network but also the field of activity is set to expand rapidly in the near future: As a national, young and extraordinarily agile company, MOVE is keeping all options open in order to take advantage of new opportunities and to develop new areas of business in the field of electromobility.

Charging without subscription

The smart solutions from MOVE – no subscription required. MOVE light is the perfect solution for electric vehicle drivers who mostly charge at home or at work. There’s no subscription fee, and any charging on the public network is debited from your credit card – straightforwardly and transparently.
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Our subscription package

MOVE subscription – the all-round carefree package. Drivers of electric vehicles carrying a MOVE badge not just as a precaution but also for occasionally or regularly using the public MOVE charging network can enjoy numerous benefits as well as privileged charging tariffs with MOVE comfort.
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