Charging without subscription

MOVE light is the subscription-free package. It is recommended for:

  • Drivers of electric vehicles that use public charging stations only rarely (max. twice per month).
  • Drivers of electric vehicles that charge at home or at work and view public charging as a ‘backup option’
  • Drivers of hybrid vehicles

Use the MOVE product selection calculator to find out which subscription best suits your individual charging needs.

The prices for MOVE light in Switzerland

  • Your charging card is entirely free.
Slow charging MOVE park 1-11 kW 2.00 CHF activation fee + 0.35 CHF/kWh
Accelerated charging MOVE charge 12-22 kW 1.50 CHF activation fee + 0.10 CH/min
Fast charging MOVE charge 23-59 kW 2.00 CHF activation fee + 0.10 CHF/min + 0.59 CHF/kWh
Ultrafast charging MOVE charge 60-350 kW 2.00 CHF activation fee + 0.10 CHF/min + 0.59 CHF/kWh
Slow and accelerated charging Roaming 1-22 kW 3.00 CHF activation fee + 0.10 CHF/min
Fast and ultrafast charging Roaming >23 kW 3.50 CHF activation fee + 0.10 CHF/min + 0.59 CHF/kWh

New in MOVE light:

  • The perfect solution for all drivers of electric vehicles who use public charging stations less than three times a month
  • No annual subscription fee
  • Access to all Swiss charging networks at uniform prices

The well-known advantages of the MOVE services remain the same:

  • Access to one of the largest smart public charging networks in Switzerland.
  • Convenient billing by credit card.
  • Reliable charging stations, many with extremely fast 50 kW DC charging.
  • Post payment based on consumption or time– no cumbersome prepaid accounts.
  • Compatible with all types of electric vehicles.
  • Nationally and internationally networked thanks to partners and third-party providers.
  • User-friendly and intuitive system with convenient operation.
  • Maximum security.
  • Green electricity guaranteed and inclusive.
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