The MOVE network

Benefit from unprecedented proximity: You can make use of 1‘200 MOVE charging stations in Switzerland and enjoy access to a further 3,500 all in all. These are complemented by around 53,000 additional charging stations across Europe.

Charging stations that are marked green have at least one free plug.

At red charging stations, all of the plugs are occupied.

Charging stations that are marked grey are out of service.

Charging capacity under 11 kW.

Charging capacity between 12 and 22 kW.

Charging capacity between 23 and 50 kW.

Charging capacity over 50 kW.

Charging stations with the MOVE logo are part of the MOVE charging network.

Charging stations with the car symbol are available by partner charging networks.

Charge at a fixed price

With MOVE flatrate, for the first time you can always pay the same all-inclusive amount to charge your electric vehicle - regardless of how often, how long or even the location of the charging station. The flat rate can be used on the MOVE charging network in Switzerland as well as all of our partner networks in Switzerland and throughout Europe.
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Our subscription package

MOVE subscription – the all-round carefree package. Drivers of electric vehicles carrying a MOVE badge not just as a precaution but also for occasionally or regularly using the public MOVE charging network can enjoy numerous benefits as well as privileged charging tariffs with MOVE comfort.
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