Charge at a fixed price

MOVE light is the subscription-free package. It is recommended for:

MOVE flatrate is the introductory offer for unlimited charging at a fixed monthly price of CHF 249. It is recommended for:

  • Drivers of electric vehicles who prefer the planning reliability offered by an all-inclusive flat rate and who do not want to constantly compare prices and conditions
  • Drivers of electric vehicles who are unable to charge at work or home
  • Drivers of electric vehicles who have to cover long distances (particularly abroad)

The tariffs for services from MOVE flatrate

  • The charging card is included in the subscription price.
  • MOVE and partner charging networks
    Slow charging – ultra-fast charging
    Charging capacity charging point MOVE park, charge and partner charging networks 1-350 kW
    Price 249 CHF/month

New in MOVE flatrate:

  • The first fixed-price all-inclusive electromobility package on the market.
  • Guaranteed set monthly price – no variable or hidden costs and no nasty surprises when you get your invoice.
  • Always the same price to charge your electric vehicle, regardless of how often, how long or the location of the charging station.
  • The flat rate can be used on the MOVE charging network in Switzerland and on all partner networks in Switzerland and throughout Europe.

Please note: MOVE flatrate is a trial offer. MOVE Mobility reserves the right to cancel the subscription at any time within one month. MOVE flatrate is only available to private customers (for charging vehicles for private use) and customers with their primary residence in Switzerland. A separate MOVE flatrate subscription (or an alternative MOVE subscription) is required for each individual electric vehicle.

The customary advantages of the MOVE services remain the same:

  • Access to one of the largest smart public charging networks in Switzerland.
  • Convenient billing by credit card.
  • No more irksome topping-up of prepaid accounts.
  • Compatible with all types of electric vehicle.
  • Nationally and internationally networked thanks to partners and third-party providers.
  • User-friendly and intuitive system with convenient operation.
  • Maximum safety.
  • Green electricity guaranteed and inclusive.

> Download the MOVE flatrate factsheet

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