Charging and parking

The MOVE park charging stations rounds off the range of services offered by MOVE with the option of leaving the electric vehicle in one location for a longer period of time during charging (for example in parking garages, P&R, blue zones or shopping centres). In this case, the price of the charging session is not calculated based on the charging time but on the kWh, while the charging power is limited to a maximum of 11 kW.

This makes the tariff especially advantageous for electric car drivers who are not concerned with charging quickly and driving to their next destination. You can find this tariff at MOVE charging stations –those that include the MOVE park package are marked with the corresponding decor, including a new logo (see below).

Public charging as attractive as at home

In cities where the blue zones are equipped with MOVE park stations, these stations can even replace home charging thanks to the attractive tariff based on kilowatt hours. As such, MOVE Mobility makes electric mobility appealing and affordable also for those without their own garage or parking area.

Charging without subscription

The smart solutions from MOVE – no subscription required. MOVE light is the perfect solution for electric vehicle drivers who mostly charge at home or at work. There’s no subscription fee, and any charging on the public network is debited from your credit card – straightforwardly and transparently.
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Our subscription package

MOVE subscription – the all-round carefree package. Drivers of electric vehicles carrying a MOVE badge not just as a precaution but also for occasionally or regularly using the public MOVE charging network can enjoy numerous benefits as well as privileged charging tariffs with MOVE comfort.
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