Who can benefit most from MOVE light?

MOVE light is perfect for drivers of electric vehicles who charge only rarely at public stations (max. two times per month) or who have a private home charging station and view public charging as a ‘backup option’. The package is thus also well suited for drivers of hybrid vehicles.

Who can benefit most from keeping their paid MOVE subscription?

Thanks to the better tariff structure, this suits drivers of electric vehicles that charge at public stations more than three times a month.

I’m already a MOVE customer but now I would like to switch to MOVE light. What do I have to do? Do I have to cancel?

No, you do not have to cancel. Simply send us an email at info@move.ch. We will transfer your membership to MOVE light at the earliest possible date.

Can I change my subscription from month to month if my charging needs change?

Unfortunately, this is currently not possible for administrative reasons. You can change your subscription once a year up to the contract renewal deadline.

Is the new MOVE charge also available with the new MOVE light subscription?

Yes – the two subscriptions have symmetric tariff structures. Only the cost per minute/kWh and activation fee are different.

What happens if I have a MOVE card from a partner?

Of course, the terms and conditions of MOVE apply unchanged.

Charging without subscription

The smart solutions from MOVE – no subscription required. MOVE light is the perfect solution for electric vehicle drivers who mostly charge at home or at work. There’s no subscription fee, and any charging on the public network is debited from your credit card – straightforwardly and transparently.
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Our subscription package

MOVE subscription – the all-round carefree package. Drivers of electric vehicles carrying a MOVE badge not just as a precaution but also for occasionally or regularly using the public MOVE charging network can enjoy numerous benefits as well as privileged charging tariffs with MOVE comfort.
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