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Our subscription package

MOVE comfort is the existing subscription from MOVE Mobility that allows the use of the classic MOVE badge for an annual fee. It is recommended for:

  • Electric vehicle drivers who charge on a regular basis (twice a month or more).

Use the MOVE product selection calculator to find out which subscription best suits your individual charging needs.

The unchanged benefits of MOVE comfort:

  • Access to one of the largest smart public charging networks in Switzerland.
  • Convenient billing by credit card.
  • Reliable charging stations, many with extremely fast 50 kW DC charging.
  • Compatible with all types of electric vehicles.
  • Post payment based on consumption or time – no cumbersome prepaid accounts.
  • Nationally and internationally networked thanks to partners and third-party providers.
  • User-friendly and intuitive system with convenient operation.
  • Maximum security.
  • Green electricity guaranteed and inclusive.

The prices for MOVE comfort services in Switzerland:

Annual fee: CHF 59
User charges in the MOVE network (charging stations with the MOVE logo):

MOVE charge MOVE charging station <40 kW 10 ct. per minute
MOVE charge MOVE charging station 40 kW 30 ct. per minute
MOVE park MOVE charging station 11 kW 35 ct. per kWh

Prices for MOVE services at all other compatible charging stations in Switzerland and across Europe:

  • AC = 10 ct. per minute plus CHF 1.50 activation fee
  • DC = 30 ct. per minute plus CHF 1.50 activation fee

NEW prices from 01.01.2020 →

If you prefer a kWh-based billing rate over a minute-based rate from MOVE, we will be happy to recommend the packages from our MOVE partners for the same charging network.

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