The MOVE badge

After registering with MOVE, you will receive your key fob (for MOVE comfort) or the MOVE card (for MOVE light), which are already activated and ready to use. There is no need to top up with prepaid credit: The cost of charging your vehicle is deducted from your credit card (in accordance with individual agreements).

Charging without subscription

The smart solutions from MOVE – no subscription required. MOVE light is the perfect solution for electric vehicle drivers who mostly charge at home or at work. There’s no subscription fee, and any charging on the public network is debited from your credit card – straightforwardly and transparently.
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Our subscription package

MOVE subscription – the all-round carefree package. Drivers of electric vehicles carrying a MOVE badge not just as a precaution but also for occasionally or regularly using the public MOVE charging network can enjoy numerous benefits as well as privileged charging tariffs with MOVE comfort.
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